Dental Implants Anchorage

Over the last 30 years, dental implants have become the most desirable method for replacing missing teeth. They have remained popular among dental professionals and dental patients because of their beautifully esthetic and lifelike characteristics. Implants can be designed to replicate a missing front or back tooth, and can be configured to work with dental crowns, bridges, dentures, and partials—completely customized to permanently strengthen and stabilize your smile.

The Science and Technology behind Implants

Isn’t it amazing to think that an artificial tooth can be implanted directly into the bone wherever a natural tooth is missing? With dental implants, it’s a reality. By inserting a specially-coated titanium post into the jawbone, the root of a missing tooth can be replaced and topped off with a custom dental crown.

In response to the design and texture of the titanium implant post, the surrounding bone will grow to become integrated with the artificial tooth root, and it can remain in place for the duration of your life.

The surgical procedure that is required to place the implant has been perfected after decades of research and technological advancements, so that the entire process is minimally invasive, nearly painless, and more than 97% successful. In fact, researchers have developed methods for using dental implants to improve the comfort and stability of other kinds of replacement teeth as well.

Invest in Long-Term Tooth Replacement Technology

Choosing a long-term solution like dental implants means that you want to invest in your health and improve the quality of your life. You want a strong and complete smile that won’t make you look older than you feel or limit your ability to enjoy the meals and snacks of your choice. A missing tooth (even if it’s in the back) causes shifting and movement that could disrupt your bite and alter your appearance, increasing your risk for bone loss and periodontal disease.

Let’s Work It Out Together

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