Healthy Start® & Other Alternatives

As an integrative dentist, Dr. Mandanas understands the relationship between straight teeth, a healthy bite structure, and optimum dental health. That’s why our team has been aligning and straightening teeth in our office for more than 12 years! It has been our pleasure to team up with Healthy Start® and other comfortable and modern alternatives to conventional braces.

These affordable orthodontic solutions are highly sought-after for their esthetic appeal, their high-quality results, and their minimal use of metal hardware.

Healthy Start®

Dr. Mandanas has been helping children achieve straight smiles and proper jaw alignment using Healthy Start® for 10 years! Healthy start catches children who are experiencing early symptoms of sleep apnea and prevents the development of this condition in the adult years. In many cases, children who use Healthy Start® avoid costly and invasive surgery as adults!

Sleep apnea presents itself differently in children than it does in adults. When adults have sleep apnea, they have trouble staying awake during the day. When children have sleep apnea, they become hyper-active. It is believed that a major cause of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in many children is actually sleep apnea in disguise. These children become hyper because they are not sleeping, they’re tired, and they begin to develop bags under their eyes and the bad habit of mouth breathing, which will only worsen their condition. You can learn more about what integrative dentists like Dr. Mandanas look for in sleep apnea patients on our page, Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

Healthy Start® is a gentle, braces and wires-free treatment! It is a rubber retainer worn during sleep. Many children find little trouble adhering to a Healthy Start® regimen.

Other Alternatives

Dr. Mandanas is currently studying Advanced Light Force (ALF) therapy for patients who need more than mandibular advancement for sleep apnea. The ALF device works by training the tongue to adjust the cranial bones, enacting neurological as well as physical changes by using the natural forces of the body for advanced sleep apnea patients.

Make the Right Orthodontic Choices for Yourself and Your Family

When you schedule a consultation with Dr. Mandanas to review your orthodontic and bite-related concerns, you will find that there is a safe and predictable solution that is perfect for your whole family. There are alternatives to standard wire orthodontics and sometimes surgery with the right dental device. Find out more by calling us today.