“My long-time dentist closed his practice and I needed a new one. Decided to try a female dentist this time, primarily because during my long career in Anchorage I’ve noticed that women just seem more innovative and conscientious than their male counterparts. They tend to be perfectionists and, when it comes to dental work, I want perfection. Dr. Mandanas fills the ticket, plus she has good stories from her years of practicing in Nome.”
– Paula

“All the staff was fab! Very accomadating especially due to the fact I had to bring my wild child! It the most pleasant and refreshing dental visit I have ever had.”
– Mary

“I was impressed at all of the new technology you are using in your office, from appointment reminders to photography to tracking procedures. Keep up the good service and work :)”
– Lisa

“All of the staff was wonderful, made me feel comfortable immediately and maintained a professional and courteous atmosphere throughout my visit. It felt like a visit with old friends. Thank you.”
– Jose

“If you were to takes away the dental work I would feel I was visiting friends, I love the atmosphere in your office and how you always make me feel comfortable.”
– Jen

“I was a patient of Dr. Boothe from whom you took over the practice. At first I was concerned as to the quality of care I would receive. After becoming a patient I have been impressed with your care and look forward to my appointments because of the warm and caring atmosphere.”
– Louis

“Everyone was absolutely brilliant! Friendly, funny and focused.”
– Meg