Living your life with a full set of teeth isn’t a luxury, it’s an absolute necessity. It’s the kind of necessity that many of us don’t appreciate until it goes away. Some adults experience a gradual sort of tooth loss, opting to have one or two teeth removed each year for various reasons. Others may find that years of assorted dental problems have led to the decision to have all of the teeth removed at once.

No matter which path and circumstances have led you to the loss of your natural teeth, Dr. Mandanas and the rest of our dental team can help you to replace them. We can recognize that missing teeth can hurt your appearance, your self-image, and your ability to eat properly, which is why we offer multiple options for rebuilding your smile.

What are Complete Dentures?

Dentures are removable replacement teeth made from acrylic that can be designed to represent all of the top or bottom teeth. In some cases, where both the upper and lower teeth are completely missing, two denture plates may be necessary: one to replace the top teeth and one to replace the bottom teeth.

What are Partial Dentures?

When only a few teeth are missing from the upper or lower jaw, a partial denture may be sufficient. To fill in the spaces between the remaining natural teeth, artificial teeth can be affixed to an acrylic or metal frame. The partial denture is held in place by clasping onto the natural teeth.

We are here to Help

Whether you are considering dentures for the first time, or you have worn dentures for years and would like to explore the most modern options, we want you to know that we are here to help. We’ll help you to choose the denture solution that is best for you, plus we’ll teach you how to take care of your dentures (and the rest of your oral health) for maximum function and comfort.

To learn more, just give us a call today. We’ll be glad to arrange a professional consultation to discuss your needs.