Orthodontic Alternatives to Conventional Braces

orthodontics AnchorageRegardless of age, the decision to undergo orthodontic treatment can come easier once patients are informed of the options available. Traditional dental braces were once the only option for treatment, but with advances in dentistry and orthodontics have come a variety of alternative treatment methods that can accommodate a wide range of patients and cases. Depending on the needs of individual patients, treatment can range from six months to several years and the treatment options greatly influence the timeline.

Using traditional braces is often an option, but braces require a significant commitment to the treatment process. After assessing the patient, the dentist carefully bonds metal brackets or alternative style hardware to the surfaces of teeth, and then connects the brackets with an archwire. If the brackets are traditional style, small wires are used to tie the archwire in place. The presence of the orthodontic hardware requires time to adjust, and the hardware stays in place throughout the entire treatment process.

Innovative treatment options for children and adults requiring orthodontic intervention include Ortho-Tain, a contemporary alternative that offers a metal-free approach to treatment. Unlike traditional braces that remain in place, Ortho-Tain utilizes a custom-made removable appliance that gradually aligns teeth where needed. Ortho-Tain treatment options go beyond straightening, however, and the treatment approach can be used to correct temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) and other TMJ problems. For patients simply looking to improve their smile and confidence, Ortho-Tain offers customizable treatments that deliver satisfying results.

Adult patients that require more extensive orthodontic corrections may opt for Six Month Smiles. Through the use of clear orthodontic brackets and tooth-colored wires, adult patients can see marked improvement in as little as six to nine months. The Six Month Smiles system is similar to traditional braces but with a less aggressive adjustment approach and an aesthetic design that reduces self-consciousness associated with braces in adulthood.

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